Asset Sales Consultancy provides training in Sales, Sales Management and Marketing for VARs and Software Houses.

The Course Material was developed over the past twenty years in conjunction with a number of IT and Telecoms organisations.

The programme is ideal for IT Value Added Resellers, Systems Integrators, Telecommunications Operators, Consultancies and Software Houses. It can be tailored to reflect their own products, solutions and where necessary their own branding.

The programme specifically focuses on selling business solutions and so may also be appropriate for non IT organisations. All the training is highly interactive with role-plays and practical exercises throughout. Courses have comprehensive workbooks and Key Point reminder booklets. The aim is to ensure that what is learnt is applied after the course to develop productivity and stimulate on-going Competence Development.

Professional Sales Academy

Scheduled courses are run at the training centre at "The Elms, East Cottingwith" located in a village just outside York. Courses can also be run on-site by request.

Participants are taught how to develop and present practical business cases and the programme then follows through the whole process to successful implementation.

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