The following courses form a set that cover the main aspects of the job selling solutions. They can be tailored and adapted to a clients specific requirement for an on-site course if required.

For a list of courses intended for staff management and staff who have already attended the main sales training programme below, or who have the equivalent knowledge and skills, click here

The Selling Solutions Process
1 day
Introduces the basic processes, skills and knowledge required to sell solutions that help Customers develop their business.
Selling the business Case
3 days
Explains basic financial concepts and teaches how to quantify business benefits.
The Sales Call
2 days
Teaches how to plan, open, get information, establish need, sell benefits and close sales calls.
Business Letters and Proposals
2 days
Teaches how to structure and write approach letters, letters summarising meetings, business proposals, and reports.
Negotiating Good Business
2 days
Deals with the process of negotiating mutually profitable agreements with Customers, to preserve margins at the end of the sales cycle.
Business Presentation Workshop
2 days
A practical workshop where each student prepares and individually gives a business presentation to their peers, who role play the customers.
Working with Projects
2 days
Teaches sales staff the principles of Project Management so that they can sell this as part of the overall solution to the CustomerÔs requirements and also use project and time management principles in their own Major Sales.
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Courses are scheduled throughout the year - please e-mail for the latest list of dates with vacancies

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